Feeding the future: Andre Mofid guest speaker at RUG University in Netherlands

Technology and Society Congress (TASC) is the annual event for Technical Business Administration students of the University of Groningen. The conference provides a bridge between the technological developments and their impact on society. Throughout the day, several speakers had their say, finding there parrallele sessions and will debate the closure of the content area.

Feeding The Future

The theme of this year is known! Feeding the future: Efficiency versus Responsibility. Large companies and speakers from the food industry will join and share their vision for the future. Also interesting business cases will be resolved.

Andre Mofid was the guest speaker looking at responsible farming, at poultry in particular. Due to the different egg and meat production systems, namely: cage, aviary, floor, free range, organic, consumers do not understand all the differences. Mr. Mofid pointed out the main differences in the systems and let the students present their idea of the perfect housing for poultry, showing that the ideal solution has not been found yet.